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Academics comes first!!
Striking a balance between academics and athletics: the role of a student-athlete

Student-athletes have the demanding role of balancing academic and athletic pursuits while doing well in both the classroom and on the field of play. Unlike the average student, student-athletes have a rigorous schedule that requires planning, discipline and sacrifice. Having good time management skills enables them to balance academics, athletics and have a social life as well.

For the student-athlete, being organized is essential to managing time wisely. To do this, you need a planner or calendar to organize when your academic assignments are due and plan ahead of time. Every month, pencil in all your tests, paper assignments, competition dates, travel dates etc., this allows you to foresee if there are any conflicts or busy weeks in order to get ahead and ease the workload. Make notes of any changes in your calendar and adjust accordingly.

It is also important to have a daily schedule. Within your daily schedule, plan when you have classes, practices or important appointments. This allows you be able to plan when you can do homework, study and prepare for upcoming classes or assignments. Your goal should be to stay ahead in every class and be on time to all meetings and appointments.

Have a quiet and relaxing place to do your homework. Whether it is at the library, your room or the study hall, minimizing distractions will allow you to accomplish more and reduce stress. Getting into a routine of doing homework at the same time and place creates good habits. At the end of every night, create a to-do list and prioritize according to importance for your next day’s schedule.
Students GPA (Grade Point Average) will be calculated using the standards set forth by the NCAA.  Core Courses will be used to calculate your GPA.

English, Math, Socials, Science, and a Language

Points are assigned to each letter grade (A=4, B=3, C=2, I=1).  Letter grades are not assessed as C+ or C-.  Those grades would be counted as a C = 2

Total Points are then divided by the number of core courses being taken so that a GPA can be determined.  The minimum GPA that we would like our Rivermen Academy students to obtain is a 3.0

For Example:
  • English = B (3)
  • Math = C+ (2)
  • Socials = A (4)
  • Science = B (3)
  • French = C (2)

14 Points divided by 5 Core Courses = 2.8

This student needs to work a little harder on trying to achieve a 3.0​