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What is a Hockey Skills Academy?
RE Mountain Hockey Academy
Who is providing instruction?
The Philosophy of the Hockey Skills Adademy
A hockey skills academy is an institution that allows student hockey players to take part in elite hockey training during school hours.  Through the co-operation of the Canadian school system, this is now possible.  As a school in close proximity to the Langley Events Centre, we have the ability to schedule a timetable that will allow hockey students to participate or train 2 - 3 times per week.  On-ice skill development will take place between September and March, while off-ice strength & conditioning will take place between March and June.
Students attending the RE Mountain Academy will need to transfer as a student to the school. Students from outside the RE Mountain catchment will be provided an academic program where space is available. The academic space availability will be reviewed year to year for outside of catchment students. Where room is no longer available the student needs to make arrangements for the rest of their academic program at another site. Once accepted as a student, you would be eligible to participate in the hockey academy, thus earning 4 Phys. Ed. credits.
RE Mountain has partnered with the BCHL Langley Rivermen and The BCMML Fraser Valley Thunderbirds.  The coaching staff of these programs will be providing the on-ice instruction.  Rivermen players will also join our Academy players on the ice when available.

Goaltending instruction will be provided from a variety of coaches such as "Magic in the Net", Rivermen goalie coach and goaltenders, etc)

1. Academy Philosophy
  • Leadership skills developed on and off the ice
  • To compliment/enhance skill development
  • Create an environment exclusive to the individual student development
  • ​Provide opportunities like no other program
  • Provide parents with a convenient and cost effective method of maximizing training
2. Students
  • Any male or female attending REMSS is eligible to participate
  • ​Any student playing at 'A' or 'C' level hockey
  • The school will establish and monitor student behavior expectations and an academic standard necessary for eligible participation
  • GPA (grade point averages) will be monitored
3. Curriculum Framework
  • Curriculum ​framework will be set out by the Rivermen Coaching Staff
  • on-ice framework will focus on skill development/small area resistance training
  • focus on individual skills
Student enrolment costs will be:
  • Grade 9 & 10 ($1500)
  • Grade 11 & 12 ($1000 - assuming no jersey/socks is required)
  • Approximately 50-60 on-ice sessions
  • Approximately 30 PE classes focussing on multi-sport activities
  • Jersey/Socks
  • Dryland training gear (Shorts/T-Shirt)
  • Hoodie

The student timetable will consist of 1 hour and 20 minute classes next year.  Beginning at 8:30 in the morning there will be two periods before lunch, and two periods after lunch.  Lunch break will be 45 minutes in length.
To maximize a one hour on-ice session as well arrive to class on time, on-ice sessions will utilize a marginal amount of time before school actually starts, as well time extending into lunch hour.  This will allow for students to shower, change, and travel back up to the school.
Storage will be provided so that students are able to be dropped off in the morning with their gear, while having access to it at the end of the day.
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